Harborough Lotto tickets go on sale


Tickets are now on sale for the Harborough district’s first-ever community lottery.

So far, 34 good causes from across the district have asked to join the scheme, according to Lottery organisers Gatherwell.

“That’s a good start” said Ben Speare, managing director of Gatherwell. “And we find that total continues to rise, especially after the first prize draw, which in Harborough is on Saturday, May 5.”

“We’re in the process of registration” said Roger Warmington, co-manager of the Lutterworth Community Transport charity. “We were enthused about it at the launch event, and can’t see any reason not to get involved.”

“It’s great because it makes sure lottery money spent locally goes locally” said Maureen O’Malley, general manager of Market Harborough-based Voluntary Action South Leicestershire (VASL).

“We’ve been promoting it to our clients and donors.”

The Harborough community lottery will use income from tickets sales to provide cash for local good causes - and of course prizes for local winners. Tickets went on sale on Tuesday April 3.

Harborough clubs and groups were urged to join up, and Harborough people to join in – for as little as £1 a week – by a launch event in February at Harborough District Council’s HQ in Market Harborough.

You can do both at the Harborough Lotto website www.harboroughlotto.co.uk

Harborough District Council leader Neil Bannister, launching the lottery in the Symington Building’s wedding ceremony room, said: “This room is held a lot of happy events. Harborough Lotto is another happy event that we can all get excited about.”

He later told the Mail: “I think this is a great opportunity for local people to support good causes in their neighbourhood. People who play Harborough Lotto will get to choose where their money goes. There’s a much greater control than the standard National Lottery.”

Players pay from £1 a week to try to match six single-digit numbers in the right order. Match all six and you win the top prize of £25,000. Match the first or last five, and the prize is £250. Even matching the first or last two numbers wins three free tickets.

Sixty per cent of each players’ £1 goes to local causes, who register with the Harborough Lotto; 20 per cent goes on prizes and 20 per cent on administration.

You can even choose your favourite registered good cause to benefit from your £1 contribution.