Harborough council looks at new laws on dog control

Dog fouling
Dog fouling

Tough new laws on dog control and dog fouling could be introduced by Harborough District Council next year.

The move has been triggered by a new Act - the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 - which allows councils to address particular problems such as dog fouling, and dogs not on leads in public places.

In theory council representatives could fine people up to £100 for not having dogs on leads in a designated area, not clearing up after their dogs and even not carrying dog poop bags.

But Cllr Neil Bannister said: “I think the council’s view is to take a softly, softly approach. But firstly we want to see what the public think. This consultation process is an opportunity for all interested parties to feed into the process and to give their views on these proposals and I would encourage them to so.”

The public consultation will run from mid November to the end of December.

Details of the consultation will soon be available on the Harborough District Council website and in the council reception.

Views are being invited from people across the Harborough District Council area, which includes Lutterworth and Broughton Astley.

Cllr Bannister said: “The council does not receive a significant number of complaints regarding dog fouling and the majority of dog owners act responsibly when it comes to clearing up after their pets.

“However it is important that councils have the tools to be able to take enforcement action if necessary.”

Nearby Daventry District Council has been through the consultation procedure already, and is due to adopt the new powers on December 1 this year.

Cllr Mike Warren, health and housing portfolio holder on Daventry District Council, said: “This order will give us greater powers to take effective action against the minority of dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.”

After public consultation, a final decision on the new regulations will be made by Harborough District Council next year.