Harborough charity shop appeals for donations from your winter wardrobe

Harborough's Rainbows charity shop, in Coventry Road
Harborough's Rainbows charity shop, in Coventry Road

Harborough’s Rainbows charity shop is asking residents who are sprucing up their spring and summer wardrobe to think about donating their old items they may no longer have room for.

The charity is asking people to clear out their winter wardrobe, sort through their summer clothes, and donate any unwanted items to its shop in Coventry Road.

Karen Bilsby, head of retail at Rainbows, said: “We are always in need of stock for our shop and we would love to find new homes for your unwanted items.

“Whether you are clearing out the winter woollies or whether you fancy a new summer wardrobe, we need your unwanted clothes.

“At Rainbows we care for 358 children and young people with life-limiting or terminal illnesses as well as supports 334 bereaved families and 665 siblings. Selling clothes worth £20 could help to fund a music therapy session for a child, £25 could help fund the cost of one week’s play materials and a sale of £80 funds our care team for an hour. So while you are putting away your winter clothes, ask yourself if you are likely to wear the items next year and if you think not, please consider donating them to Rainbows and we will save them for next winter.”

For more information on Rainbows shops visit www.rainbows.co.uk/shops.