Harborough author Emily-Jane’s special guest appearance at charity’s AGM well worth staying awake for

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A Market Harborough mum and writer is to share her experiences of sleepless nights caring for a young child to celebrate the work of a local charity.

Emily-Jane Clark, author of ‘Sleep is for the Weak’, will speak at Home-Start South Leicestershire’s annual general meeting on Tuesday October 10.

In her book, Emily, who as a new mum was supported by Home-Start South Leicestershire, takes a humorous look at parenting related sleep-deprivation.

She will give the talk as part of this year’s celebration of the work of the family charity, to mark their 33rd year.

Emily-Jane said: “I would never have even got close to writing a book had a few people not helped me survive the dark times, including the charity Home-Start South Leicestershire

“If you’ve ever experienced sleep deprivation associated with caring for a young child, ‘Sleep is for the Weak’ will give you a reason to smile and laugh again.”

The charity will be opening its doors from 10am for a 10.15am start at 121 Coventry Road in Market Harborough.

Members of the public are invited to come to the meeting to learn more about the charity’s work, meet its staff and volunteers, and find out about opportunities to help.

Home-Start helps families living with difficult circumstances in Harborough District, and depends on donations and grants to fund all its services - helping parents with mental health problems, supporting families to manage a healthier lifestyle, and providing support to children affected by domestic abuse.

Space is limited so anyone wishing to attend must ring to reserve a place in advance on 01858 467982.