Harborough art gallery welcomes new generation of owners

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A couple who have run a Harborough art gallery for more than 30 years are handing the business over to a new generation of owners as they prepare to say goodbye to the business.

John and Jenni Snape have been running Croft Wingates, off St Mary’s Road, since 1981, when they bought the business from John’s parents Bill and Beth who had established it in 1975.

The couple have decided to retire when the gallery will be taken over by Andrew and Kathryn Cartwright.

John said: “In 2002 we moved into a purpose built gallery in the garden of the old site on St Mary’s Road.

“During August there is an ‘Evolution Sale’ in the gallery when all stock will be sold at half price to make way for the next step in the gallery’s evolution.

“Jenni and I will be retiring from the gallery when Andrew and Kathryn will take over. This is a very positive move in the history of Croft Wingates Gallery. Andrew has worked with us for the last couple of years and I am very happy that he and Kathryn will make the business grow. Dinah Fordham has been a big part of our family business and will continue working with them and I will also help.

“The gallery will close for September and launch under the name Wingates Gallery on September 30.”

Andrew said: “We feel very privileged to be continuing all that the gallery has offered for over 40 years here in Harborough.

“As well as bringing in new collections from some of our most loved existing artists, we will be introducing work from new artists including glass sculptures.

“It is important to Kathryn and me to acknowledge and appreciate the heritage of the gallery so, after refurbishing and rebranding, we will proudly launch as Wingates Gallery and look forward to extending our friendly welcome to our existing and new customers at our launch party on September 30, and beyond.”