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Leicester Tigers mascot Welford is visiting Wistow Maze
Leicester Tigers mascot Welford is visiting Wistow Maze


After our first public meeting on April 2 and obtaining a grant for all expenses, the questionnaire went out last weekend to all houses in Welford after many drafts and work done through the steering committee.

This is the first part of a process in gaining evidence for our Neighbourhood Plan which is a Government-funded initiative that many communities (more than 1500) have now gone through. The aim is to write a Draft Plan which then undergoes further consultation and scrutiny, then a referendum, before it can be adopted.

Everyone should have their say - whatever their opinion, but the final document will be used to inform future planning decisions under the Localism Act (2011). A further public forum will be announced in autumn to discuss the results.

We would like to publicly thank Helen Dyson for her graphic design and organisation of the printing of the questionnaire.


Since the last meeting report for June, Ullesthorpe WI have visited Loughborough Bell Foundry where a bell was purchased to mark the Centenary of the WI, visited their twin institute in Stretton-on-Dunsmore to spend an enjoyable evening listening to a talk about Nelson and His Ladies followed by a delightful supper, visited Caffe Crema for their annual Strawberry Cream Tea and taken part in the Federation Quiz in which they were joint first before the tie-break question!

The August meeting was full of nostalgia when Felicity Austin spoke on Those Big Brand Names we grew up with. The earliest brand was Twinings Tea dating back to the 1700s and obtaining its Royal Warrant in 1837. Cadbury cocoa arrived in Victorian times and was famous for being pure and best (meaning unadulterated). Bournvita and Ovaltine came later with “We are the Ovaltineys” becoming the most popular jingle in the 1930s. Members gave their own rendition of this. Locally, Symingtons first became famous for their dried soups which were taken to the Crimean War and on Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic. The familiar Robertson jam began in Paisley with the wife of the owner experimenting in making Golden and Silver Shred marmalade and the “Golly” trademark coming later from the US. Other brands like Chivers, Brown and Polson and Birds followed scientific advancements to devise their products (there were once 14 different flavours of blancmange on the market). Canning arrived late in the 19th century with Heinz’ first product released in 1895; Heinz chose 57 because he liked that number! Tinned rice pudding existed in 1917. Felicity brought adverts from the past and products which brought back old memories leading to much nostalgia. She was thanked for her talk by June Whiting.

The competition was won by Pat Iliffe and Clare Robertson Smith won the raffle.

The next meeting will take place in the Memorial Hall on Thursday 10th September at 1.45 pm when Sandy Dakin will speak on “Women at War”. All are welcome and enquiries may be made on 01455 202499.


The story of the Mary Rose was the subject of the talk at Great Bowden this month, given by Peter Ellement of the Mary Rose Trust. The Mary Rose was the flagship of Henry VIII’s new fleet. Launched in 1511 she was the pride of Henry’s war ships. However in 1545 was has hit by a squall when on the way to engage the French at Spithead, and due to overloading and the gun ports being open, sank into the silt of the Solent with the loss of 600 crew and soldiers. She was rediscovered in 1971 and raised in 1982. Only the part of the hull that was buried in the sea bed survived along with countless artefacts. The hull was preserved by spraying with water for a time and then with a special resin. Mary Rose can now be viewed at the Portsmouth Naval Dockyard in a special dedicated exhibition. The display includes many items from the time including the engraved brass cannon, tools, cooking equipment, shoes, medical instruments and many more. It is a wonderful insight into life in Tudor times.


This Saturday (August 22) the Leicester Tigers are sending their mascot Welford to visit the award-winning Wistow Maze.

He is bringing rugby games with him, including Tackle Bag and the Speed Pass Challenge, and there will be opportunities to have photographs taken with him.

Leicester Tigers No 8 Laurence Pearce has just announced that he will also be visiting (in the morning), giving visitors a chance to meet and have their photograph taken with a top Tigers player.

The rugby theme has gone down extremely well with visitors and we have had great feedback, winning Trip Advisors’ 2015 Excellence Award.

Due to the Wistow Maze being designed in the shape of a rugby player (picture attached), we have teamed up with Leicester Tigers who have donated all the competition prizes for our Quiz Trail, including match tickets and rugby kit.

Wistow Maze has had the best start to the season, with record numbers of visitors and a fantastic crop of maize that is nearly 8 feet tall. With all the sunflowers now out, it looks fabulous.

Desborough & Rothwell photographic society

The Desborough And Rothwell Photographic Society was awarded The President’s Trophy at the recent Lutterworth Photographic Society Exhibition for the best panel of six prints submitted by a visiting club.

Prints by Jack Gilbert, Trevor McHugh, Geoff Oliver, Dorothy Rudkin, Steve Rappitt and Phil Gott managed to beat the entries from six other local photographic societies.

Cranford Hall craft fair

On Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30, KOS Musical Theatre Company will hold their annual craft fair in the delightful setting of Cranford Hall, in Cranford near Kettering, from 10am-5pm each day.

The public will see the very best quality of homemade crafts including pressed flowers, pictures, gifts, cards, landscapes, handbags, textiles, waci glass, painted glass gifts, childrens clothes, jams, preserves and woodturning, .

There will be a fully staffed restaurant.