Green Party says it will be putting up a candidate for May 7

The Green Party’s Leicestershire head office has confirmed that it will be fielding a candidate in the Harborough constituency for this year’s General Election.

It will be the first time someone has stood in our constituency on any sort of Green platform for more than 30 years.

The last occasion was in 1983 when Brian Fewster stood for the Ecology Party.

He gained 802 votes – which was 1.46 per cent of the vote.

Candidates need to gain at least five per cent of the vote in order to get their £500 deposit back.

Green Party spokesman Steve Massey said: “We are definitely putting up a candidate in Harborough and, indeed, local party supporters contacted us to request that we do.”

Its deadline for nominations and expressions of interest passed earlier this month. It is now waiting for a local members’ ballot before giving out official details of its candidate in mid-February.

He said the party is expecting some former Liberal Democrat voters to switch to the Greens and to ‘pick up quite a few Labour voters’.

Mr Massey said: “We are also expecting a strong young persons’ vote and many of these will be first-time voters.”

No other minority party has yet indicated it will have a Harborough candidate.

The highest total ever gained by a minority party candidate in Harborough’s election history was in 1997 when Neil Wright tallied 1,859 votes (3.51 per cent) for the Referendum Party.