Good news on Alex’s battle with cancer

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Good news from America on south Leicestershire’s Alex Goodwin, who has a rare form of bone cancer.

The latest tests by doctors in Kansas City show that the cancer has not spread, and much of it has been removed.

It is now hoped that further radiotherapy will eliminate the cancer altogether.

“My biopsy results came back and they say it’s all clear!” said nine-year-old Alex, speaking in a video on his Alexander’s Journey Facebook page.

“My cancer hasn’t appeared on my pelvis or my tail bone.

“But the cells that are left have to be destroyed by my radiation that’s coming up.”

Alex was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone and tissue cancer, in June last year.

With treatment options running out in Britain, the Goodwin family, who live near Lutterworth, made the decision to fundraise for Alex and go for cutting-edge treatment in the United States.

In January Alex had radical surgery to remove cancerous bones and tissue from his right leg. An artificial replacement “telescopic” leg bone will grow with Alex.

He remains on chemotherapy, while also undertaking regular physiotherapy.

Alex’s latest report from the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City says the physiotherapy “is very tough and it hurts, but I will do it!”

Alex’s father Jeff Goodwin, a police office based in Rugby, has told us: “We are very grateful for all the help. This is just about a little boy with cancer getting the treatment he needs.”

Alex will probably return to England in June with mum Maria and sister Sophia (four). He will return to America for future treatment.

Fundraising events in both the UK and America are helping the Goodwin family pay for Alex’s treatment.