Goat’s milk ice cream? No kidding!

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Don’t bleat about the heat - try a goat’s milk ice cream!

It tastes the same as traditional ice cream, but fans say goat’s milk ice cream has less fat and fewer calories - no kidding!

This new summer delicacy is produced on a farm at Cottingham, between Market Harborough and Corby.

Ian and Lauren Horton rehomed their first two goats at Gander’s Farm, Cottingham, two years ago and, while thinking what they could do with the milk they were producing, the idea for goat’s milk ice cream was born!

Ian said: “After much experimenting, we hit on the perfect recipe for a smooth, creamy goat’s milk ice cream that tastes exactly like traditional ice cream but has less fat, fewer calories, and is 
gluten and nut free.

“We’re delighted with the response we’ve had to the ice cream so far – everyone seems to love it and they keep coming back for more!”

Gander’s Goats sold their first pot of goat’s milk ice cream in spring this year.

Now with a herd of 37 individually-named goats, they are producing around 240 litres of ice cream a week - that’s enough to fill two and a half bathtubs.

Everything is produced on the farm, from milking 20 goats twice a day, through making the ice cream in their state-of-the-art production facility, to packaging it into tubs.

There is a range of flavours available including a popular ginger variety, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry ripple and strawberry, all using local produce where available.

Gander’s Goat also produce guest flavours each month, depending what fruits and herbs are around to go into the mix.

If you’d like to give Gander’s Goat ice cream a try, you’ll find it on sale at the village stores in Cottingham and Wilbarston, Ashley Farm Shop, Dovecote Buttery at Geddington and at EdibLE16 in Market Harborough.