Get acquainted with your new area say Harborough estate agents

Researching your new area is an essential part of moving home
Researching your new area is an essential part of moving home

Securing the home of your dreams may seem like a tall order, but when it comes to surroundings, getting better acquainted with your new area is a must, according to Harrison Murray estate agents.

Hectic and demanding daily lifestyles are forcing many people to look at their home and work life balance, opting either to move to a larger home, be closer to work or family, or choose a quieter location.

But, whatever the reasons for moving to a new area, Harrison Murray warn not to let the excitement of a new home detract from the importance of exploring your unchartered location.

According to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), it can take between six and eight months to feel at home in a new area.

Harrison Murray estate agents have some tips on what to bear in mind when thinking about buying a property in a new area.

A spokesman said: “Visit the area a few times and spend some time driving around the surrounding towns and villages to get a feel for the bigger picture.

“Pop into the local pub and get chatting with the landlord. They usually know all about what’s happening in their locality.

“Try driving your route to work or school to get an idea of the journey and how long it will take.

“Depending on their age, children may not be receptive to moving away from friends, so take them on a tour – pointing out schools, local parks and opportunities for social activities.

“Buy editions of the local newspaper or read about the area online for information on local clubs and events – many places have their own website offering a wealth of information.

“Find out about services on your doorstep – from doctors and dentists to the post office, library – and why not grab a few menus from the local takeaways, you may need them on moving in day!

“If you have pets, it may be worth finding a reputable boarding kennel/cattery in your new area to take care of them for a day or two during the move to alleviate any stress.”

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