GCSEs: Bosworth Academy celebrates ‘dramatic’ progress of pupils

Staff and pupils celebrating at Bosworth Academy NNL-170824-114742001
Staff and pupils celebrating at Bosworth Academy NNL-170824-114742001

Bosworth Academy students and staff are celebrating another brilliant set of GCSE results.

The academy is pleased with particularly strong results in the reformed English Language, English Literature and Maths GCSEs (graded 9 to 1).

A spokesperson for the academy said: “Despite only being at the Academy for two years students have made dramatic progress in this short period of time.

“The new content of the reformed GCSEs is more demanding and controlled assessments have been removed, yet our students have continued to achieve the highest grades (many 9s) and show immense improvements in their learning.

“We are now looking forward to many of our students joining us in our Sixth Form.”

Simon Brown, head of school, said: “We are thrilled at the achievement of our students this year.

“They have worked incredibly hard since joining us for the start of their GCSEs and achieved well beyond what they even thought was possible.

“Staff and students have worked creatively and collaboratively to overcome the challenges faced by new GCSEs and this has resulted in brilliant outcomes.”

Some of the individual achievements include:

Devani​ ​Jina​ - 9 in Maths, 6A*, 1A, 7 Eng Lang and Lit

Victoria​ ​Broomfield​ - 9 in Eng Lang, 9 Maths 1A*, 4A, 2B, 7 Eng Lit

Max​ ​Barker​ - 9 in Maths, 5A*, 2 A, 6 Eng Lit, 5 Eng Lang

Emily​ ​Beckwith-Chandler​ ​- 9 in Eng Lang, 8 Maths, 4A*, 4A, 7 Eng Lit,

Rosey​ ​Collins​ - 9 in Eng Lit, 8 Eng Lang, 8 Maths, 4A*, 2A,

Rory​ ​Cunningham​ - 8 in Maths, 4A*, 2A, 7 Eng Lit, 1 B, 6 Eng Lang,

Harvey​ ​French​ - 3A*, 3A, 1C, 7 and 8 in English Lang and Lit, 7 Maths

Kiera​ ​Goodwin-Hill​ ​-​ ​9 in Eng Lang 2A*, 4A, 1B,​ ​8 Maths, 7 Eng Lit

Shania​ ​Singh​ ​-​ ​9 in Maths, 3A*, 4A, 8 and 7 Eng Lang and Lit

Katie​ ​Twelves​ - 9 in Eng Lang, 3A*, 4A, 7 Eng Lit and Maths
Adam​ ​Watson​ - 9 in Eng Lang, 8 Maths and Eng Lit, 2A*, 3A, 2B

Miranda​ ​Watson​ - 9 in Eng Lang, 8 Maths and Eng Lit, 3A*, 3A

Proud mother of Harvey French said: “To say I am proud is an understatement, we are both delighted with Harvey’s results.

“Everyone at Bosworth has been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their support and encouragement.”

Harvey achieved 3A*, 3A, 1C, a 7 and 8 in English Language and Literature.

He also gained a 7 in Maths and will continue his studies at Bosworth Academy.

Both the parents of Katie Twelves and Rory Cunningham talked about the exceptional support the teachers had given their children.

Mrs Twelves said: “The masterclasses and revision sessions were great and the way English provided support at the beginning of Year 11 was fantastic.”

Mr and Mrs Cunningham said: “The opportunities and creative feedback provided by teachers really helps students achieve their very best.”

Rory achieved 4A*, 2A, 1 B, a 6 and 7 in English Language and Literature and an 8 in Maths.

Katie achieved 3A*, 4A, a 7 in both English Literature and Maths and an outstanding 9 in English


Both students are looking to continue their studies at Bosworth Academy.