Gallery hosts abstract art and showbiz tales

An artist who swapped showbiz for painting showed off her work at a Harborough gallery earlier this month.

Jean Picton performed on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1970s and 1980s and was a frequent face on British TV in the 1980s in shows like Hi-de-Hi and Eastenders.

She also rubbed shoulders with Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth and Tommy Cooper in an eclectic career.

Harborough’s Croft Wingates Gallery off St Mary’s Road welcomed Jean on Saturday, April 1, where she exhibited her collection of floral, abstract and fruit & vegetable works of art in all of their show stopping glory – beautiful colours created in acrylic onto canvas with a silicon resin finish.

John Snape, Croft Wingates Director said of the event: “It was quite simply glorious to see such a huge collection of colour to brighten up the day in anybody’s life and such a joy to meet Jean – her enthusiasm for people and her art was infectious.”

Jean began painting – initially as a hobby – in the 1990s when she retired from showbiz, but it was not until 2002 when she decided to study for a degree that she began to take it seriously.

Her work sells not only throughout the UK but also Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and as far away as North America, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.