Futuristic house planned for village

Newton Harcourt sustainable home designed by Tony Goddard
Newton Harcourt sustainable home designed by Tony Goddard

A FUTURISTIC home with turrets and a sustainable design has been given the go-ahead for building by Harborough Council’s planning committee.

The home, in Newton Harcourt, has been designed by architect Tony Goddard who lives at the Manor House situated in the grounds where the new home will be built.

Newton Harcourt sustainable home designed by Tony Goddard

Newton Harcourt sustainable home designed by Tony Goddard

It has taken four long years of rigorous design and expensive consultation to get to the stage where the home has been approved by planners.

Mr Goddard designed the home in keeping with the woods in the grounds of the manor by using mainly wood for the structure and its windows and doors and building upwards rather than outwards.

The application was made under Planning Policy Statement Seven which calls for innovative and exceptional design that contributes to protecting and enhancing the environment.

Mr Goddard said: “The house will embrace the latest technologies in an effort to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level Six, and will include air-to- water heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, grey water harvesting and the possibility of an earth energy bank for longer term heat storage.”

He decided to build the home as he and his wife want to downsize and they are now looking for a new owner for the Manor property.

If a new owner is found, it is hoped that construction will start on the new home in 2013.

The design of the new house is taken in part from a traditional Elizabethan plan of a manor house. It will have a central hall surrounded by four rooms which will form the base at the ground floor level of the four towers which will have turrets.

Each tower will rise to between two and five stories high and will be timber clad with timber windows. The central hall will be glazed and transparent.

Mr Goddard said: “This arrangement keeps the footprint to a minimum, maintaining the maximum amount of woodland, and responds with the adjacent trees through its height and transparency.”

In the past Mr Goddard (70), a director of London architects Goddard Manton, has been involved with Freeman’s Meadow, near Leicester City football stadium, the Zenith building in the city’s cultural quarter and John Foster Hall in Oadby for the University of Leicester.