Future of old retail store is uncertain

The future of the former Primark shop in Abington Street remains uncertain as the new store in the Grosvenor Centre marks its first week of trading.

The new store opened last week, with more than 400 people queuing outside ahead of its 9am launch.

The store is spread across two floors and features fashion for men, women, children and a homewares section.

Mike Dewar, area manager for Primark, said: “This store has the latest design, has the latest shop fit and is all about emphasising the brands.

“We’ve identified with the customer and gone much further with what we do.

”The first floor alone is bigger than the old store.”

The former Abington Street store, which has now closed, first opened on July 17, 1975 and was 10,000 sq ft.

The new store has 25 tills, 33 dressing rooms and a total of 190 staff.

Mr Dewar said: “All the staff from the old store have come over and we’ve employed 127 new people, all local.

“It’s a real benefit to the town. Everyone is talking about it.”

House of Fraser closed earlier this year and Primark began a refit of the vacant store in August. Mr Dewar said: “We want the customers to start enjoying it. Shoppers are going to love the experience.

“People used to travel to Milton Keynes to go to a larger Primark there, but now they won’t have to.”

The Northampton store is one of 239 across the group.

Mr Dewar said: “People think that because we’re investing all this money our prices will go up, but they won’t.

“It’s not in our brand or ethos,” he added.