Fraudsters target Harborough elderly with vitamin con

Beware of scam callers
Beware of scam callers

Elderly people are being asked to be on their guard after reports of conmen trying to get their bank details by selling them vitamin supplements.

A man who looks after his mother in Market Harborough, but wishes to remain anonymous, said he picked up the phone from someone reporting to be from the Leicestershire Area Health Authority.

The carer said he was immediately suspicious but played along as he was asked a number of questions about levels of exercise, food, sleep and medication.

He said: “I continued to play along waiting to see where it was leading to. Eventually he asked if I took vitamin supplements - that’s when the penny dropped and I guessed where the conversation was leading too. I asked where the information was going to and he started his script again, saying he was calling on behalf of the Leicestershire area. I told him if he was who he said he was he’d know my mother’s medical condition and that she wouldn’t be able to answer his questions. Then he asked if I was her carer and when I said I was, he rang off.

“I put the number into ‘who called me’ (an online service) and lots of people including me have reported this number. Turns out they want to sell send you vitamins, then once you have them they continue to pester you with calls and try to get more money out of you (and of course they will have your bank details too).”

If anyone receives a similar call, they should contact Leicestershire Police on 101.