Foxton Locks on the up this year

Foxton Locks ENGNNL00120130816115913
Foxton Locks ENGNNL00120130816115913

The BoilerHouse Museum at Foxton Locks is looking to increase visitor numbers this year, after last year’s refurbishment and temporary closure.

The £200,000 refurbishment in 2015 ironically led to a fall in visitors to 10,000, mainly because the “work in progress” BoilerHouse missed out on Easter visitors.

There have even been completely false rumours that the canalside attraction was about to shut, said Derek Harris of the Foxton Inclined Planes Trust, which runs the award-winning museum.

On the contrary, the museum is open and better than ever, stressed museum keeper Mike Beech.

It has a host of new interactive features inside and a downloadable app (download it at home if possible) which guides visitors round the whole canal attraction outside, including the unique inclined plane which, when working, hauled boats sideways up the hill near Foxton.

“Inside the BoilerHouse it’s very different” said Mike. “Parents have a job to get children out of here!”

This year the revamped tourist attraction is looking for more than 13,000 visitors. The BoilerHouse is this week open daily for Leicestershire’s half term between 11am and 3pm (at weekends from 11am until 4pm).

It is also open all week next week, when other counties have their half term.

Meanwhile, the first of the major planned events at the site will be an Easter Extravaganza on March 26, 27 and 28. There will be a selection of stalls, along with trade boats and games.

There will be an Easter Egg Trail to follow as well as other exciting activities. Later in the year will be the annual Foxton Locks Festival in June and a Halloween Ghost Walk at the end of October.