Former footballer’s artwork goes on sale

Jody Craddock
Jody Craddock

An ex-Premier League footballer is having his artwork exhibited in a gallery in Lutterworth.

Jody Craddock’s footballing career spanned 15 years and saw him represent Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers among others, playing more than 500 league games in the process.

Antidote Art, in High Street, Lutterworth, has been chosen to exclusively reveal Jody’s artwork – which includes a collection of eight new pieces which will be on sale for prices ranging from £150 to £2,650.

His work includes portraits of rock stars like Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix, immortalised in oils.

Jody says his fascination with statues and graffiti have also inspired his work.

The new collection is called La Bellezza Della Fusione.

Gallery owner Sara Lovatt said: “We’re thrilled to be chosen to exclusively reveal Jody’s fantastic artwork.

“We have been secretly showcasing his work to our loyal collectors and it’s been incredibly well received. You can’t fail to be impressed with Jody’s footballing career, and his paintings and his ability to create wonderful art is just as impressive. They sit very comfortably amongst the high calibre of our other artists. The style of this collection has huge appeal.”