Flooding pledge for Coventry Road

The new drainage scheme for Market Harborough’s town centre should now prevent all but “one in 30 year” flooding events on Coventry Road.

That’s the promise from Anglian Water, after 15 weeks of cutting-edge flood prevention scheme work in the town.

Project engineer Nick Randall said: “We can never say it will never flood.

“But all the work we’ve done, including computer-generated models and future proofing to take in climate change, indicates that only once in 30 years should we get some residual flooding.”

It’s good news for businesses along Coventry Road.

One business manager, Jill Foxon, of the Cancer Research UK charity shop, said: “We’ve been flooded 13 times in the 18 years I’ve been here. If this work stops the flooding, it’s all worth it.”

Coventry Road has been closed for 15 weeks while the flood prevention scheme went ahead.

The work involved digging a small tunnel under the road, linking it to a large one under the Market Square, and channelling surface water into the River Welland.

The scheme cost just over £1 million, and at times involved more than 20 workers on site.

Unusual aspects of the project included a manned underground tunnelling machine and a sustainable urban drainage system - those holes in the kerb on Coventry Road.