Flood cleared by man with stick

Braybrooke, River Jordan flooding roads.'20/12/12
Braybrooke, River Jordan flooding roads.'20/12/12

A RESOURCEFUL villager has told the Mail how he cleared floodwater from a rural road - armed only with a stick.

The road between Braybrooke and Harborough flooded after heavy rainfall in the week leading up to Christmas and remained so until Sunday when John Clarke and his stick paid a visit.

The Braybrooke resident told the Mail: “There was water on the road and it was closed at both ends by the bridge near the church.

“On Sunday morning I went there with a friend of mine, Geoff Pitcher and went into the water in boots.

“I dragged a stick along the side of the road until I found a drainage pipe.

I poked it with the stick to clear the blockage and the water started flowing out.

“It was completely drained within about 45 minutes.

“I was quite happy. And if any of the authorities want to borrow my stick to clear any other floods they’re welcome to do so!”