Firefighters called out over festive period

The fire service was put on alert after a possible fire in a Harborough district home on Christmas Day.

Two fire crews from Wigston were put on alert at 1.37pm on Christmas Day after cooking oil was spilt on a hot oven in a home at Mount View, Great Glen.

The fire was confined to the oven and was out by the time firefighters arrived, said the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service daily report log.

Meanwhile, Kibworth firefighters were called out in the early hours of Christmas Day after a car crash in Kibworth.

Two crews attended Harborough Road at 2.15am.

One person trapped in the car was extricated by the fire service and there was a single car involved.

And on December 23, firefighters from Harborough were called out at about 7pm to deal with a fire in Leicester Lane, off the A6 Harborough Road, between Harborough and Great Bowden.

About 150 hay bales were alight.

No further details were supplied by the report log.

Town firefighters posted pictures of the hay bales ablaze on social media.