Fantastic five rise to gruelling cycle challenge

Wells McFarlane
Wells McFarlane

When a group of local recreational cyclists decided to embark on a ride from London to Paris, they probably thought it would be challenging but not that taxing as they cycled regularly.

The reality turned out to be an extremely gruelling yet fun challenge for Andrew McFarlane Holt, Colin Peabody, Tony Winn, Tony Bonsor and Greg King, who were inspired to take part in the cycle ride on behalf of the Jago Worrall Foundation, which is supported through the Tree of Hope Charity.

Jago, who is three years old, was left severely brain damaged following an accident where he nearly drowned in 2012.

Andrew said: “We wanted to raise this money to help pay for the continued cost of care and enable him to be treated at home. Tree of Hope is small charity which does incredible work. If we can just give a little it makes a huge difference.”

The five cyclists were hoping to raise in the region of £4,000 for the charity, but to date the London to Paris cycle ride has raised a staggering £8,500.

Visit Jago’s information page to find out more at