Escape from the zombies!

The first ever Harborough Zombie Run is being held on Sunday, October 30
The first ever Harborough Zombie Run is being held on Sunday, October 30

A horde of zombies will be chasing runners through Harborough in a Halloween-themed run which is the first of its kind in the town.

Organised by Race Harborough, the Armourgeddon Zombie Run will take place on Sunday, October 30, from 4pm.

Beginning at Robert Smyth School on Burnmill Road, runners are tasked with completing a four-mile course whist being pursued by groups of zombies at different points on the course.

About 40 zombies will pursue competitors with the aim of removing the two ‘life tags’ on runners’ backs. If runners fail to keep ahead of the zombies they will succumb to joining the undead at the end of the race.

Brian Corcoran, co-organiser of the event from Race Harborough, said: “This is the first event of its kind in the town and is generating a lot of excitement.

“It is suitable for runners of all different standards as long as they have a sense of fun or a sense of drama depending on how you look at it.

“Runners can even get together with friends and take part as a group to help protect each other.

“The run will begin at 4pm just as its getting dark and we’re going to throw in a few surprises to make the run extra spooky. Even if you don’t take part, you are bound to know somebody who’d enjoy it so do spread the word. After all, we are all in this apocalypse together!”

The Zombie Run is the latest in a series of sporting events created by Race Harborough. Over the past three years they have launched a number including the Harborough Triathlon, Santa Run, Harborough half marathon and 10k.

Entries cost £20 per person which includes a T-shirt and goodie bag.

Running spaces are open to anyone over 14 years of age. Persons under this age can still volunteer as a zombie so long as they are accompanied by an adult.

The head sponsor of the event is Armourgeddon, home to military games and driving experiences who are also providing props and costumes to add to the atmosphere. To register or to find out more visit