MP backs campaign to save Britain’s bees

Sir Edward Garnier backs British bees
Sir Edward Garnier backs British bees

The plight of Britain’s declining bee populations was highlighted to MP Edward Garnier during a recent event.

Mr Garnier attended the Friends of the Earth event in Parliament to learn more about how bees affect our lives and how the decline in the bee population would have damaging effects on the food we eat and our natural ecosystem.

The Bee Cause by the Friends of the Earth was launched in April 2012 to help reverse the trend of falling bee stocks.

There are over 250 different species of bee in the UK. Most of these are wild species such as bumble and solitary bees and they are all in decline.

These wild bees are responsible for pollinating 75 per cent of our crops, trees and flowers.

Mr Garnier learnt about how farmers have to take care in their farming techniques by adopting integrated crop and pest management and councils should avoid using chemicals in parks and highways to encourage bees to perform their natural task of pollination.

He said: “Bee populations have fallen substantially over the past few years. Bees are not only a popular cultural icon but also an indicator of the health of our countryside. Two bumblebee species have already become extinct and wild honey bees are nearly extinct in many parts of the UK.

“I have signed the call for the National Bee Action Plan which, if accepted by David Cameron, will lead to legislation that will help reverse the decline of these small creatures that do much good for our country.”