Dogs are special guests at owners’ wedding

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A Harborough couple went out of their way to make two special guests to their wedding feel very welcome.

If you’re trying to guess who the guests Holly and Harvey were, you would probably be barking up the wrong tree.

Holly and Harvey are chocolate Labradors and newly-weds Deborah and Andy Burnett decided their pets must be part of their big day.

The doting dogs were special guests at the couple’s wedding, at St Dionysius Church, Harborough, on Saturday, May 24, but the couple had to overcome a number of obstacles to get the pets at the service.

The couple explained: “The first hurdle was approaching Richard Brand – the vicar – who would be asked to conduct the marriage service at St Dionysius Church.

“Fortunately, he is a dog-lover with Labradors of his own so was very accommodating.

“The second hurdle was to find someone competent enough to ensure that the day went according to plan and undertake the huge responsibility.

“The concept of someone taking the dogs down into the church and ensuring that they were able to play a part in our day caused great concern for our family and friends.

“However, we had no doubt who we would be able to give the responsibility to and who were professional, responsible and caring enough to rise to the challenge.”

The couple turned to dog-walking service Paws4Walking, of Harborough, which the couple use regularly.

The Coventry Road firm agreed to help out and two of its dog-walkers, Kristine Rowen and Gavin Podgers, escorted the pets into the church.

Holly and Harvey wore specially-made white collars at the wedding and were walked in with a white lead adorned with flowers , which were specially commissioned.

Kristine and Gavin walked the dogs into the church and sat with them during the ceremony.

The couple are now off on their honeymoon but before departing thanked Paws4Walking for their help.

“Holly and Harvey are a huge part of our lives and it was great to have them at one of the most monumental events in our life,” they said.

Paws4Walking, which won a Pride in Harborough Award in April in the Unsung Hero category, said it was delighted to help out.

The firm thought it was so successful that it is now starting to offer special wedding packages which will help out those people who want their pets to attend their big day.

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