Desborough girl makes dress out of 25,000 loom bands

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An 11-year-old girl has hand-made a full-size adult dress from more than 25,000 loom bands.

And her family think she is the first in the world to achieve such a feat.

Industrious youngster Abigail Baker, of Desborough, spent more than 80 hours to make the dress.

Loom bands are the latest craze for children and are mini rubber bands used to weave into colourful bracelets or charms.

Abigail, a pupil at Loatlands in Desborough, has now auctioned the fruits of her hard work on auction website eBay, in a bid to raise money for an upcoming family holiday.

The hand-stitched dress is a size eight, or maybe a 10, depending on the woman’s build and it stretches a little.

It is multi-coloured and even contains scented strawberry bands.

Abigail was hoping to raise £10 for her four-year-old brother Liam, £20 for her to spend in the arcades and £20 for a fish and chips dinner treat while on holiday in Weymouth next month.

She also wanted to raise money for her old Brownie pack, the 3rd Desborough Brownies.

The auction ended on Sunday and the dress fetched £155.

The buyer was from Chapel St Leonards in Lincolnshire.

The loom bands cost the Bakers about £90.

The work on the project from July 12to 18, has been documented in a video diary on YouTube.

Dad Nigel said they researched online and could find no other examples in the world of a child who had made an adult’s loom bands dress.

Abigail, who is now a member of the Desborough Guides, said she did not expect the dress to sell for as much as it did and added: “I was very proud of the dress.

“My friends and family have been really supportive.”

Abigail’s mum Marie said: “We are so proud of all her hard work.”

“Guide pack members followed her journey of how long it took to make on YouTube and just how much work was involved and how she added intricate and complicated parts.

“She left the Brownies three months ago but wants to be one of their helpers and still goes on their trips as she loves them so much.”

And Abigail is not sick of the loom bands just yet. She is now making some bracelets.