Daughter’s plea for help with fatal crash near Market Harborough

Jess Phillips, holding a picture of her dad Matt McKnight, who died in a car crash near Dingley last September
Jess Phillips, holding a picture of her dad Matt McKnight, who died in a car crash near Dingley last September

The daughter of a man who died in a double fatal car crash near Market Harborough has made a fresh appeal for witnesses.

Jess Phillips, 26, said: “This accident has left a huge crater in our lives and we still don’t know what happened.

“I would urge anyone who knows anything about this accident – no matter how insignificant they think it is – to tell the police.

“It could be the piece that’s missing from the jigsaw.”

Jess’ father Matt McKnight was one of two men who died in the crash on the A427 between Brampton Ash and Dingley at about 5.30pm on Thursday, September 25.

Mr McKnight was one of four men in a white Vauxhall Insignia travelling back to Market Harborough from their workplace at boat builders Fairline of Oundle. Mr McKnight, of Heygate Street, Harborough, and Paul Jones, of Warwick Close, Harborough, died in the crash.

Two other Market Harborough men were injured in the incident.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said they do not know why the car they were all in left the road.

Now Mr McKnight’s daughter Jess has renewed the family’s appeals for witnesses to the crash to come forward.

She said: “There have been very few people who have come forward.

“There was definitely a car behind that didn’t stop, even though they saw a car leaving the road.

“The road was really busy in both directions, so someone has got to have seen something.”

She said potential witnesses should understand the devastation that the fatal crash has caused to Mr McKnight’s family and friends.

“Matt was so highly respected and so loved; here in our family, and in the town, and in the Youth Theatre,” she said.

“Our lives have basically been ruined by this. My mum’s future has been ripped from her.

“My nine-year-old sister is still devastated – we all are.

“We just keep trying to pull each other through.

“Christmas wasn’t Christmas in our house, and our futures have all changed.

“Dad won’t be there for us when we get married, when my younger sister graduates perhaps, when we move into new houses.

“As a family, we just want some answers – why the car crashed, how the accident happened; just the answers anyone would expect.

“I’m just willing to try anything to piece this together.”

Mr McKnight also has a 12-year-old daughter.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said: “Investigations into what happened are still ongoing.

“Some witnesses did come forward and we’ve spoken to them.

“We’d like to speak to any witness who hasn’t yet come forward.”

Witnesses are urged to call Northamptonshire Police on the 101 number.