A DAD died after putting the wrong blade onto an angle grinder, causing it to 'kick back' and slice his neck, an inquest heard.

Now Alastair Green’s family are calling for clearer safety advice on the use of power tools.

Mr Green (30) suffered terrible injuries as he tried to use the tool to remove a tree stump from the back garden of his home in Crescent Close, Harborough.

The inquest, held at Leicester Town Hall on Monday, heard from forensic engineer Jim Rennie who said the angle grinder had been fitted with a circular saw blade not designed for use with the tool.

The blade’s teeth were so large and far apart that it would have caused a ‘tremendous kick-back’ upon contact with the wood, probably causing Mr Green to lose control, said Mr Rennie.

Professionals using cutting equipment wear head, face and neck guards, but Mr Green was wearing no protective clothing at the time of the accident, he added.

The inquest heard from Joanne Green, Alastair’s partner, who said she had seen him using a chainsaw on the morning of the accident, on December 19, 2007.

She left to pick up her daughter Lisa from playschool at about 11.30am but returned half-an-hour later to find Mr Green leaning against the wall in the side passageway of the house.

She fought to stem the flow of blood from Mr Green’s neck but the saw had caused such severe injuries paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Ms Green said Alastair had earlier complained that the chainsaw had become blunt, which is why he might have swapped to the angle grinder.

Mr Green was born in Falkirk but moved to Harborough six years before his death, working as a peripatetic guitar teacher in schools and giving private lessons.

He left two children – Kendrick, who is now almost two, and Lisa, now six, Joanne’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Speaking after the inquest Ms Green and her mother Lorraine Viner paid tribute to him and called for clearer safety advice on the use of power tools.

Mrs Viner, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, said: “It would be nice for more advice to be available in DIY stores where you can buy this equipment. Even if it is just photos of what you should wear. That way hopefully no-one else will die in such a horrific manner.

“Usually he was very careful with tools. He looked up everything he could and didn’t go ahead unless he was happy it was safe. It was out of character.”

Ms Green (24) added: “He was kind and caring. He’s just really, really, missed by us and the children.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death, assistant deputy coroner Martin Gotheridge said: “Mr Green chose to use the circular saw blade instead of the chainsaw, which would have been the more appropriate implement, and tragically the kick-back caused the circular saw to cut his neck very severely, causing him fatal injuries.

“The lesson to be learned is the danger of using a circular saw blade such as that for a purpose for which it was not designed.

“It is a tragic incident from which one can only hope lessons will be learned.”