Cube youth centre gets official grand opening

Mitchel Baker 13 on the Youth Panel gets ready to cut the ribbon at the Cube opening
Mitchel Baker 13 on the Youth Panel gets ready to cut the ribbon at the Cube opening

The Cube youth centre has officially opened its doors after many years planning and hard work – and the charity behind it say they are absolutely delighted.

The project has seen a large youth centre and cafe opened on Symington’s Recreational Ground, off St Mary’s Road, at the former site of the bowls pavilion.

A large group of volunteers, young people and members of the organisation behind the scheme, The Harborough Youth and Community Trust, attended the official opening last Tuesday night.

The trust was founded in 2005 by James Briggs, who was the guest of honour at the ceremony last week.

Mr Briggs, who is the chairman of Harboro Rubber Company, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled and everybody here has done an amazing job.

“Young people now have somewhere they can go and have fun, with lots of space. But not only that, it is somewhere where they can mix with adults, and just generally feel safe.

“There is also a counselling service which can help people in need, and give them a safe place to talk.”

He added: “I was very honoured to have been invited back for the opening, it was a happy and emotional evening.”

Mr Briggs, who stepped back from running the organisation due to health problems, praised the team in charge.

Youth work manager Gary Brown said he was very proud that the project was completed after all the work that had been put in and added: “I’m very impressed with the amount of young people who attended our first session and because we have large premises we can now build for the future. We have several groups already using it.

“I’d like to thank Rockingham Construction, the builders, who helped us finish on time and under budget.”

The new building also boasts a stone pizza oven in the garden.

To find out more about activities on offer, or to make enquires about booking the premises, contact the centre on 07740 266 020.