Thieves caught on CCTV trying to break into van in Harborough

Thieves have been caught on CCTV trying to break into a resident’s van on a Market Harborough street.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 8:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 8:19 pm

The two dark-clad men were filmed trying the doors on a vehicle parked in a driveway in Moseley Avenue, Little Bowden.

The same suspects are also thought to have earlier damaged the lock of a vehicle parked on nearby Monk Close on Blackberry Grange estate as they tried to steal it.

The double-incident happened just after 7pm on Tuesday evening (Nov 12).

An image from the CCTV video courtesy of Warren Blanchard-Doyle

Both men were wearing baseball caps pulled down over their faces and one had a hoodie on.

They are believed to have been driving a silver Volvo S80 car.

The two suspects are now being hunted by police as local van owners were warned to be extra vigilant.