Reward offered after thieves steal charity cash and takings from hair salon


A town hair salon has offered a £250 reward for information leading to the conviction of the thieves who burgled their business earlier this month.

Studio 51 in Western Avenue, Market Harborough, had a break-in during the early hours of Friday, August 12.

Thieves took more than £2,000 in takings and charity cash.

Studio 51 co-owner Sharon McCall said: “We’re in shock. It’s horrific to think that our hard work and all that charity money has gone to, probably, a couple of druggies.”

Co-owner Karen Burton said: “We hope these vile thieves will soon get their punishment as the net closes.”

They stressed that they will no longer be keeping cash on the premises overnight.

The duo are particularly upset about £650 in charity money that was taken.

It was destined for the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, where Karen’s son has been treated for a rare brain condition.

“We’ve been here 16 years, and we’ve never had anything like this” said Sharon.

She added: “I suppose people might say this is a ‘minor offence’.

“I would say ‘how dare you call our hard work minor?’ We’ve worked really hard in this business this year, and for someone to break in and take the money we’ve earned, and money in a charity tin, is outrageous.”

The duo reported the theft to the police, but so far there have been no convictions.

They hope the £250 reward will encourage someone to come forward with information about the thieves.

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