Pub that had its licence suspended is back open

A pub in south Leicestershire that closed when it had its licence suspended after a stabbing in the street nearby, has now re-opened following a licence review.

And the pub’s landlord said this week: “I feel it’s very unfair, what happened to me and my staff.

“We’d done nothing wrong here, we just had five idiots, not local, who came over to my pub with a knife and a knuckle duster.”

The Old Swan in Kibworth Beauchamp has been shut for a month following the stabbing in High Street, near the pub, on April 17.

But a licence review last Friday by Harborough District Council decided that the pub, owned by Enterprise Inns, should be allowed to keep its licence.

Pub landlord Guy Oliver (43) told The Mail: “It was one incident involving people from outside Kibworth, which was actually very frightening for me.

“We chucked them out of the pub and then this incident happened in the street outside, and suddenly my livelihood has been taken away.

“They are not the sort of people I’m going to invite to my pub. This pub is not like that. It’s totally a community pub; it’s a pub that everyone in Kibworth wants to use.”

He said his pub provided a communal facility for the whole village, and hosted all sort of clubs, from cubs and scouts to the Lions Club.

The pub is also a sponsor of the village’s Christmas Shopping Extravaganza this year.

It has a full menu, cooked by Dutch chef Ton Van De Meen, which had been selling very well before the closure.

The pub employs 10 part-time and three full-time staff.

“We’d been doing amazingly well - until we had to close for a month” said Mr Oliver, who has been a landlord in different pubs for 24 years.

“I want to stress that this was one incident. This pub is a good local and totally safe.”

People living near The Old Swan who were interviewed by The Mail during the pub’s brief closure, had sympathy for Mr Oliver.

“He’s really has tried to turn that business round” said one, who added he had written to the District Council in support of Mr Oliver.

“They’re not noisy neighbours” said another.

Now Mr Oliver says he is anxious to build the business back up as quickly as possible, having spent “a fortune on lawayers and lost a fortune in takings”.

“We’ve just got to try to forget what happened, and welcome everyone back” said Mr Oliver.