Police investigate illegal hunt claims

CLAIMS an illegal fox hunt was taking place in the Harborough district are being investigated by police.

Officers are looking into a report of illegal hunting activity dating from November 26 in Shearsby where a fox was allegedly seen being harmed.

A witness to the alleged breach of the Hunting Act said she was appalled by what she and her husband saw.

Driving past, she said they had to brake when they saw a fox being chased across the road in front of them by around 30 hunters, all wearing black.

The woman said there were hounds with blood on them and a number of 4x4 vehicles following the hunt.

She added: “We didn’t see the kill. We drove off but my husband said ‘you shouldn’t be doing that’ to one of them but the hunter just turned away.

“We live in the middle of the countryside but it is against the law and they shouldn’t be getting away with it.”

Did you witness this. Speak to police on 0116 2222222.

No arrests have yet been made, a police spokesman said.