New police commissioner wants to hear your crime concerns

Elected...Police and crime commissioner Sir Clive Loader
Elected...Police and crime commissioner Sir Clive Loader

THE new police and crime commissioner for Leicestershire has extended an invitation to groups and parish councils in the Harborough district wanting to discuss crime in the area.

Conservative candidate Sir Clive Loader was elected into the newly-created position two weeks ago.

Speaking to the Mail on Monday, Sir Clive invited local neighbourhood watch groups, community or interest groups such as the NFU and parish councils, along with other organisations, to contact him if they would like him to come and hear their concerns.

Sir Clive, a retired RAF serviceman who spent 30 years with the forces, is now responsible for setting priorities for the county’s police force and overseeing its budgets.

He plans to help combat metal theft, a crime on the rise in Harborough and Lutterworth, by monitoring registered and non-registered scrap metal dealers.

He also hopes to tackle distraction burglaries, another crime which has been prevalent in the Harborough patch.

Sir Clive told the Mail: “My aim is to maximise the number of PCSOs and police officers on the beat as people feel, and, by the way, are more safe when they see regular police officers on their beat.”

Sir Clive said he would be looking at efficiencies and possibly at outsourcing so that he can keep within the budget.

He also said he values PCSOs who Sir Clive said can deal with 95 per cent of crimes and can hold people for 30 minutes.

He said: “They provide high value for money and people get to know them.

“I have never felt that this was policing on the cheap.”

The Mail asked Sir Clive whether he could provide assurances that the police stations in Harborough and Lutterworth would remain open but he was unable to answer the question at this time.

He has spent time in the Harborough area both at the hustings and while talking to people in the run-up to the election.

If you would like to invite Sir Clive to your group, email