£10k reward bid to catch arsonist

The burnt out barn.
The burnt out barn.

A farmer from the Harborough district has put up a reward of £10,000 in a bid to catch the arsonist who burned down his barn.

The farmer, who asked not to be named, put the £10,000 reward up on Facebook “for the successful conviction of the arsonist”.

The farmyard - off Drayton Road, Medbourne - was hit by an arsonist on Saturday, June 3. The same yard was also hit by an arsonist on December 28, 2015.

“Having two arson attacks in 18 months, it feels like someone’s got it in for me” the farmer told the Mail.

“The first fire damaged a large barn, except for one wing of the barn, which was not damaged.

“The fire last weekend burnt out the last part of the barn.

“It’s hard enough being a farmer these days, without all the extra problems I’ve been getting.”

The farmer’s Facebook message says: “If the person wants to know that they have inconvenienced us, stressed us, put animals’ lives at risk, annoyed our neighbours, created a lot of work, robbed us numerous times, emptied our fuel tanks on countless occasions, etc, etc, I will agree with them.

“If you ask whether we will give up, the answer is ‘no’. It makes us more determined and with more sophisticated technology, we will catch you, that is a promise.

“The criminal needs to be brought to justice. Business is as usual.”

“I don’t want to be in the limelight myself” the farmer told the Mail.

“I just wanted people to know that I’m not going to cease trading.”

He urged anyone who knows something about either fire to contact the police in Market Harborough.

“The money is 100 per cent genuine” he said. “I’m determined to catch these people.”