Creative youngsters show they're made of the write stuff!

PRIMARY school pupils showed off their creative talents in a district-wide competition. The children were asked to write a short story or poem on the subject of Journey into the Unknown in the competition organised last term by Arts Interactive. The winners were chosen by the three judges – authors Steve Bowkett and Mike Hutton and poet John Gallas – last week and a prize-giving ceremony was held at Harborough Library on Saturday.

The judges were looking for creativity of ideas, originality, phrasing, consistency of ideas and story progression, individuality of style, all appropriate to the age of the writer. Spelling and punctuation were not taken into account.

Quinn's bookshop sponsored the prizes for the 5 to 8 age group, and Arts Interactive sponsored the 9 to 11s.

The winning entries were:

Ben Hines, Age 6.

South Kilworth C of E Primary School

5-8 age group

Short Story Winner

A trip to the moon

One wintery stormy night Sam wanted to go to the moon. He asked Dad and his Dad said "no you can not maybe another day because it is too stormy." "oh please" said Sam "all right" said Sam's dad I'll try to find a rocket. "Try a box", "okey, I'll try a box" And then he found a pair of space boots by the door, and a space helmet by the draining board. NOW Sam thought he was ready to go the moon and he was right. Then he set off 5,4,3,2,1, blast off. On the way he saw a grasshopper. "can I come with you? Sam said "yes". And the grasshopper said "my name is Hoppey". And just then they landed on the moon. Then Sam said "Those 48 hours went quickly! "Yes" said the grasshopper. "Let's have a picnic oh yes I forgot". "never mind" said the grasshopper

"Lets go in a crater". Oh there's Neil Arm Strong's food and it has not rotted yet, let's eat." Okey" "That was yummy let's go now." "okey bye bye moon.

And Sam and the grasshopper

Climbed into the box and went home. "Do you want to live with me?" "Yes" When they got back his dad said "You have been out side haven't you and rolled in the mud and caught a grass hopper."

"No dad I have been to the moon." "No you have not"

"Yes I have really." "okey" said his dad.

Hannah Mance, Age 8.

Market Harborough C of E Primary School

5-8 age group

Short Story, Highly Commended

It was a few years ago when I passed away. I did not know that there was a life after death. I have been an angel for two years now. My journey happened like this.

I had just passed away. In front of me were some steps. They lead up into the sky. There were also some steps leading under the ground. I saw a penny on the floor that was not there before. I went up the steps that lead into the sky. At the top of the steps there was a huge gated doorway. A man was standing in front of the doorway. I realised who it was, it was St Peter! He said to me that if I wanted to get into Heven then you have to get one penny. I said to him that I saw a penny when I was about to climb the steps. That penny belongs to the Devil. He said. You have to go down and challenge him so he gives it to you. Then I new where the steps were leading to. The ones that I climbed up lead to Heven and the other steps lead to Hell! I realised that I was standing on a cloud. That is why I new where I was.

I went back down the steps and went down the ones that lead to Hell. It was a horrible sight. I saw some people that were on fire, skeletons that were shaking in pain from being wipped untill there were deep scraches in their backs.

Then I saw the Devil. I went up to him I challenged him. He made one of the people to go and get his challenge. I was quite supprisded! The challenge was a game of manoply! I was great at Manoply and I have never lost a game. It started of well. Untill the Devil got a house. But I soon got my won back I got four hotels! And the Devil landed on all of them, that means I have won!

I went and picked up the penny and went up to Heven and showed St Peter the penny. He let me through the gates. And that is how I became and Angel. THE END

Joseph Chambers Butterfield, Age 5.

South Kilworth C of E Primary School

Age group 5-8 Short Story.

Highly Commended

Whatever Next

Sam wanted to go to the moon he asked his grandma. His grandma said no anyway you will have to find your space suit because you might float in space. Sam found his space suit so he set off to the Moon. On the way he saw a nice star so he turned the rocket to grab the star. He was quite late for his bath.

Eleanor Maxim, Age 9.

Bringhurst Primary School

Age group 9-11

Short Story Winner

My life changed for ever the day I started to daydream. My name is Jimmy, it was two years ago, I was in Mrs White's class. It was a Monday morning maths lesson and I had started to daydream.

I remember stumbling in to darkness, then suddenly a blinging light and a cracking sound, then I remember starting to sink down and down until I had sunk, after I started to fall and landed on the ground I remember looking up wearily and seeing trees with blue trunks, golden leaves and purpel fruits hanging from yellow branches. I remember standing up and looking down to see blood re grass and a pale peach steam. Then I remember running into a clearing and sitting on a log and truing to think how I could stop daydreaming.

Then I remember hearing a voice say "speak to me Jimmy" then I shouted "what do you want with me?"

"I want your soul Jimmy you soul" then I remember see a rook staring at me, it cawed and a flock of rooks flew down from the sky and picked me up and took me to a big nest then the biggest rook I ever saw came up to me and pecked me strate in the heart and took my soul he became human and the other rooks to me away and buried me hear and I have been hear ever since day after day, year after year, the boy with no soul

Sam Fletcher, Age 10.

Mowsley St. Nicholas C of E Primary School

Age group 9-11

Short Story, Highly Commended

As I turned on the television I saw that the Simpsons were on and Homer had his ear to the clear glass television screen. I looked closely and everything went blurry as if I was spinning around very quickly, then, I looked up in to the unknown world of Homer Simpsons head.

I saw loads and loads of tiny… what looked like… purple bugs, travelling in little clear pipes to and fro carrying messages to and from this huge pink computer. All around this there were little dark pink shelf like things, one of which I was standing on.

The thing that caught my eye was red and blue tubes that were everywhere. That was when I realised I was in Homers head! I suddenly jumped back to avoid getting hit by giant doughnuts with shiny pink icing and hundreds-and-thousands of hundreds-and-thousands. There were also giant Duff beer cans and $20 notes flying around, these were obviously his thoughts, for these are the things he loves.

All of his thoughts were extremely shiny and crystal clear, as if they all had glass around them; Instead of the dollar notes being paper they were thick and weird.

One of the bugs waved me as if I was one of the bugs but I thought I may as well have a small adventure so I followed but took the wrong path and went down what I presumed was the arteries for they were all clogged up because of all the beer and junk food Homer eats.

In fact they were so clogged up I could hardly breathe.

I moved slowly as I slipped down the arteries sort of swimming in the blood. As I looked up I saw that it was going to be a long journey, and using some of my knowledge I knew that I would end up at the hears of Homer Simpson.

When I finally got to the Heart I saw that it looked like a giant anti-stress ball going pump, pump and it was expanding and going back to its original shape again.

All around the heart there were lots of veins and arteries. The veins, arteries and heart looked like it was all in a play station game. Around all this there was a cage which I though was the ribs. When I looked down I saw that I could see a squishy thing with a big pipe going from it upwards.

I slid down the pipe which was smooth and smelled like mashed up doughnuts. When I got to the bottom I saw the squishy thing was translucent and I could only see that the squishy thing was mashing and spraying juice on the mashed up doughnuts.

I climbed in the squishy thing and I travelled through something smelly and unpleasant and after along time I popped out and everything went blurry as if I was spinning around very quickly and I landed back on my sofa and everything looked dull because the inside of Homer Simpson was so clear.

Carla Elizondo, Age 10.

Kibworth C of E Primary School

Age group 9-11

Short story, Highly Commended

Our boat glided into the dock like a butterfly. I leaned over the boat and stared at the murky water in dispair, the fact that it wasn't a clear turquoise like the sea back in Montego Bay. As the anchor dropped there was a mighty jolt and a loud CLONK! The wind whiled around my shoulders like a thin icy blanket, not designed to keep you warm. "Dad," I said, my teeth chattering like a dolphin when it speaks, "Is this the best weather here?" I asked like an alien ready to learn about the planet Earth. "Maybe, Rose, maybe". He replied. Ahead of me there was black cranes craning over London. "Mum," I said. "Where will we live, and what will it be like?" I asked. "We will live in a house and it will have a chimney with a fire to keep us warm, Rose," Mum replied. "Oh we're living in a factory, you mean?" I said rather angrily.

I thought back to Kingston. The bleached beaches, the turquoise seas, the fruit that melts in your mouth. I thought of the gleaming sun, that smiles at you with a warm welcome. Or the sound of the steel drums playing a tune (with the birds). And the ladies shouting, "Come and get your necklaces," on the market. I can smell the skewered meat even now. I remember Gilbert shouting "Get your akee rice here," or "Cricket sets! Get your cricket sets!" Oh how I missed going to see my cousins in Port Antonio. And then going to Montego Bay, and swimming with the coloured fish. But now I am stuck here. I didn't imagine it like this. Not one bit.

I hoped for more luck. I urgently needed it. As the sun goes down I will hope for freedom. From this country I will run; Or sail back to the country I came from. I don't like England. I want to go home. I thought our journey had just ended. But it was just beginning.

in wrecked London would be harder than I would ever imagine. I thought that our journey had ended. But it had only just begun.

Isabel Bentley, Age 10.

Market Harborough C of E Primary School

Winner of the Poetry Competition

Setting off at the crack of dawn,

Into the mitsy foggy depth.

While the sea swelled around us

Life was busy on the ship.

Landing in three days time,

In a small dark cave,

Walking in the tall green forest,

Trees grew over us East, West South.

Watching us silently, o so silently as if they knew

What fate awaited.

Bright light in the trees ahead,

Shining inside the heavnly glade.

Inside I stepped and was instanly,

Hit by a spurt of water,

Wacked by a beautiful woman,

Long red hair and green fishes tail.

Woogle birds flew over head,

Long Pink and black feathers faning out in the wind,

Crying there strange calls.

Suddenly a high pitched wistle went out

It came from the Woman,

If only I had known what was coming next

I would have run for it but I didn't

Jessica Wilkinson, Age 10.

Market Harborough C of E Primary School

Poetry Competition, Highly Commended

This is a wonderful place to be, even though it's a bit pongy.

There's dogs with two tails,

And orange, purple even red snails.

A cat with more than one ear,

And a guinea-pig with now rear.

There's lots of parrots: pink's, yellow's, black's and whites,

And a fish wearing tights.

There's slime over the walls,

And two green swiming pools.

There's a big furry bed sheet,

And a very spiky red seat.

There's a waitor with no clothe's,

And a lady with eighteen toes.

There's a shark serving at the bar,

And people swimming in hot tar.

There's a scribble riding an elevator,

And this is what I saw when I fell into a crator.