Concert remembers Bloom

A concert was held at Robert Smyth Academy in memory of a former teacher
A concert was held at Robert Smyth Academy in memory of a former teacher

A charity concert was held at Harborough’s Robert Smyth Academy in memory of a teacher who died earlier this year.

Sue Rosenbloom was an award-winning dance and drama teacher who died in late May at the age of 57 following a lengthy illness.

She was better known by her nickname, Bloom.

The academy’s charity committee arranged a huge concert at the school last month in memory of the popular teacher.

Oscar Bentley, leader of the charity committee, said: “On the evening of Thursday, November 19, the ‘CAIRS Concert 2015: In Celebration of Bloom’ held at Robert Smyth Academy was a huge success.

“Organised by the CAIRS (Charity Action In Robert Smyth) Committee, the performing arts showcase features the best examples of dance, drama, comedy, and music that academy students past and present had to offer.

“Hosted by ex-student Anthony Pollard, the evening celebrated the life of the academy’s much loved drama teacher Bloom, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

“Concluding the night with a pair of songs from the Queen musical We Will Rock You, the academy’s production of which in 2013 was directed by Bloom, the night managed to raise over £700 for the charities Save the Children and Dementia UK, two causes which were close to Bloom’s heart.

“Robert Smyth Academy and the CAIRS Committee would like to thank all who came to perform, help out, and see the show.

“We’re sure you all made Bloom proud.”

Mrs Rosenbloom had previously been the artistic director of the Leicester-based Anima Dance.

She was also previously employed as head of contemporary dance at Leicestershire and Leicester Arts in Education.

Mrs Rosenbloom began her time at Robert Smyth Academy when she covered for another teacher’s maternity leave.

She began working at the school as a drama teacher in September 2012 and was much loved by fellow students and staff.

In 2013 she directed the school’s production of We Will Rock You which received rave reviews.