Collision sparks road safety fears

Residents pictured at the roundabout back in July last year
Residents pictured at the roundabout back in July last year

Fearful residents have renewed calls for safety improvements at a roundabout after a cyclist was knocked down in an apparent hit-and-run.

Residents spoke to the Mail last summer to raise concerns over the removal of barriers near the roundabout at the junction of Welland Park Road and Farndon Road.

They say their loss means there is nothing to stop cars involved in a collision from crashing onto the pathway.

An incident on Wednesday last week in which an elderly woman was knocked off her bike has re-ignited their fears.

Glenys Lowe, of Farndon Road, told the Mail it was the third crash in a month.

“We thought it didn’t seem as safe since they removed the barriers and it hasn’t been,” said Mrs Lowe. “We know the traffic is going faster than it used to. They put all these things in to make it safer [the barriers] and now we feel that they’re taking them away.”

Fellow Farndon Road residents Jimmy and Margaret James also raised concerns.

“The barriers must be replaced. There are always accidents there. If it means putting lights in to stop them then so be it. People’s lives are more important,” said Mrs James.

A Leicestershire County Council spokesman said: “Following improvements made last year as part of the residential development on Farndon Road, concerns were raised about the removal of the pedestrian guard railing at the roundabout.

“A safety audit was undertaken by independent consulting engineers who did not raise this as an issue in their report.

“However, as part of the agreement with the developers, we would expect them to undertake another road safety audit this year and will remind them of their obligations wirh regards to this.”

The hit-and-run, at about 1.20pm, left the cyclist with injuries described by police as ‘non-life threatening’.

They appealed for witnesses to phone the 101 hotline.