College wood tools stolen by burglars

Leicestershire Police
Leicestershire Police

Thieves broke into a Market Harborough resident’s shed last week and got away with tools essential for his son’s college work.

Robert Harris, of Clarence Street, discovered the break-in last Wednesday when a police officer knocked on his door to inform him about another burglary in the street.

After the officer left, Mr Harris went to check on his own shed in his back garden, only to discover that the thieves had also targeted his workshop and stolen woodwork tools belonging to his 19-year-old son Oscar.

Mr Harris told the Mail: “The majority of possessions stolen were my son’s new workshop equipment.

“He is studying cabinet-making at Moulton College in Northamptonshire and was in the process of setting up his workshop – making wooden bowls for friends and honing his other skills.

“He is devastated by the loss of the tools, which included an Axminster lathe, a Jet mitre saw, a Jet thicknesser, his lathe tools and even calipers – well over £2,000 worth of equipment.

“Also stolen were a Makita circular saw, camping tents and equipment – and an item that can’t be replaced – an old hand-stitched leather briefcase.”

Mr Harris added that he had not noticed earlier because he was away from home on the Tuesday.

He believes the thieves struck on Monday and has sent this message to the burglars: “The other unfortunate casualty of theft and burglary, apart from the loss of property, is our sense of community.

“My home was invaded last Monday night and among other things, all my son’s new carpentry equipment was stolen.

“He chose cabinet-making as a field of study because he has a desire to ‘make things to last’ – a noble ideal and one we need to encourage in younger generations.

“The thieves have left him with a degraded trust in society and a cynical view of people’s honesty.

“He worked and paid for the equipment himself, so there was, naturally, a great sense of pride in the workshop and the pieces he produced.

“This is his chosen career and the effect of the theft has been to question the worth of what he does. Are we all naïve to expect people to ‘do the right thing’?”

He added that he would like the burglars to consider the impact of their actions as the family can not afford to replace the equipment.

Police are investigating the burglary and have asked any witnesses or those with information to call the police 101 number or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.