Cat with the world’s loudest purr visits Harborough

Smokey the cat
Smokey the cat

HARBOROUGH had a visit from a Guinness World Record holder last Wednesday.

Smokey, the loudest purring cat, was at WH Smiths in High Street along with her owner Ruth Adams (47).

Visitors were able to get free “pawtographs” with the noisy grey moggie and have a stroke of her soft fur.

Smokey is a many-times re-homed cat whose story has been covered by the world’s media after she was used in a purring competition on local radio to promote the spaying and neutering of cats.

The pair applied for the world record for purring and the cat was recorded at 67.7dB when measured from a metre away.

This is equivalent to 14 times louder than an average cat and Smokey has since featured on TV and radio stations across the world.

This week they were featured in the documentary Inside Guinness World Records and appeared on Monday’s This Morning show from London.

The pair were in Harborough to promote their book “Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat” which tells the story of the cat’s rise to fame from a many times unwanted pet to a global star.

Inside the book is a description of the open day at Harborough’s Town and Country Veterinary Centre.

“We were delighted to be visiting Harborough, although we did have a bit of drama arriving to the book shop.

“As I was pushing a trolley along with Smokey’s cat basket on top we hit an uneven bit of pavement and the cat carrier fell, tipping upside down to the floor.

“Fortunately the basket remained closed and Smokey did not fall on the road but she was very frightened.

“Two ladies immediately sprang to our aid and helped me to carry the cat basket, trolley and travel case into the store.

“Once Smokey was settled and fed a bit of hammy she soon forgot the incident and thankfully no damage was done and suitably contented she started purring loudly.

“After this somewhat unsettling start to our day we met so many interesting people and shared stories.

“An animal really attracts peoples interest and hopefully we were able to add a little festive happiness.”