Can you help hospice find the perfect location in Harborough?

LOROS Hospice is asking for help and ideas from people in Harborough
LOROS Hospice is asking for help and ideas from people in Harborough

County hospice charity LOROS is asking for people in Harborough to help find a location for its new Wellbeing Centre in the town.

The hospice began its hunt for the perfect property about six months ago - but says it has been difficult to find a suitable location and that the venture could be at risk before it even begins.

A spokesman for LOROS said: “The centre was proposed following a consultation with people in the Harborough area last summer, who felt it would be beneficial to the community.

“Many people are unable to reach the main hospice in Leicester.

“Suitable properties have been hard to track down, risking the future of the centre before its inception.”

LOROS says it is looking at expanding its services out across the county to reach more people living with terminal diseases, and the Wellbeing Centre is a key part of its plans.

Karen Ashcroft, director of strategy and development, added: “Suitable properties in Market Harborough have proved hard to come by.

“Creating an accessible centre offering a range of services which meets the needs of our users requires a property which ticks a lot of boxes.

“For example, we require parking and disabled facilities as we envisage many of the people accessing the service could have mobility issues.

“We need the premises to be open in the evening and we also have to ensure it is value for money.

“Unfortunately, so-far, the right location has proved elusive.

“LOROS is committed to a new wellbeing centre so we’re asking local people and organisations to get in touch if they know of any potential sites.

“At the moment its future is unclear.”

LOROS says its list of key requirements includes: a central location; easily-accessible parking; disabled toilet facilities; a ground floor space; space to provide café facilities; open during the evening; group space areas; and private rooms for counselling and support.

Anyone with any suitable property suggestions is asked to contact LOROS Hospice on 0116 231 8404.