Can you help Harborough Movie Makers find 1973 queen for forthcoming show?

Harborough Moviemakers - Carnival Queen 1973
Harborough Moviemakers - Carnival Queen 1973

Market Harbrough Movie Makers are on the hunt for the town’s 1973 carnival queen – and her attendants – as they prepare for a special film show next Wenesday and Thursday (May 25 and 26).

The event takes place at Harborough Theatre from 7.45pm.

The evening will feature a newsreel of events which took place in 1973, including the crowning of the 1973 carnival queen Sheila Medway and her attendants Ann Walsh, Christine Patchett and Helena Keats.

Hilary Hearnshaw, from the Moviemakers, said: “Are they still in Harborough? Does anybody know them?

“The Movie Makers would be delighted if they got in touch with Peter Wilford, the Secretary on 01858 525372, and came to the show to see the film of their achievements in 1973. The Carnival Queen was crowned by Josh White, from the then TV show The Comedians.”

The evening will also feature newsreels from the Harborough floods of that year, the Walker funeral, the Grand Union Canal, the Doddridge Road scheme, and more recent videos from Harborough by the Sea 2015 and the River Welland restoration work.

For information about Harborough Movie Makers visit Tickets for next week’s event can be bought for £5 from Albery Tyson in Harborough.