Call for double yellow lines on Harborough street to stop ‘thoughtless’ parking

The Rev John Morley outside his home surrounding by shoppers who have parked there wanting to avoid parking charges
The Rev John Morley outside his home surrounding by shoppers who have parked there wanting to avoid parking charges

Angry residents are calling for yellow lines on their own road because it has become so choked by all-day parking from “thoughtless” drivers.

Residents in Walcot Road in Market Harborough, which is just across the river from the Commons car park, say their lives are made miserable every working day by the number of vehicles stopping there to avoid car parking charges.

“The situation has now grown quite intolerable,” says one Walcot Road resident, the Rev John Morley.

And other residents spoken to by the Mail called the parking “beyond a joke” and “obstructive”, and have asked the county council to bring in double-yellow lines.

Resident Brendan Parry said: “It’s a nightmare.

“They leave their cars here from 8am to 6pm, so they’ve all got jobs – just pay the parking charges!”

The Rev Morley, who is chairman of the town’s branch of the Royal British Legion, added: “I think Walcot Road is the only road near the town centre which hasn’t got any parking restrictions.

“But it’s a residential road, and cars park on the footpaths, partially blocking drives – just thoughtless parking.

“Harborough District Council should petition Leicestershire County Council to review the situation and recommend yellow lines, or come up with a scheme to remove this problem for taxpayers in our street.”

Resident John Cleaver agreed and said: “People can’t walk down the footpaths, sometimes can’t even get in and out of their own drives. It’s definitely getting beyond a joke.

fellow resident Sue Gordan said: “I’ve counted 40 cars on the street, in every space from top to bottom. We need yellow lines now.”

Anne-Marie Cooke said: “It’s so obstructive. Some people get virtually the whole car width on the footpath.”

And Mr Parry concluded: “They park up on the pavement both sides, and lorries or refuse truck can’t get by.

“Sometimes I feel like going out there and letting all their tyres down!”

Ward district councillor Cllr Roger Dunton, said: “These cars are obviously parking there to avoid parking charges.”

Cllr Dunton said a district council officer has now been down to Walcot Road to investigate.

Any recommendations will be passed on to the highways authority – County Hall.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Parking in residential streets close to town centres is always difficult to address, as waiting restrictions can cause problems for the residents themselves.

“We are happy to discuss the matter further if they call our highways customer service team on 0116 305 0001.”