Nervous motorists can learn how to drive away fears

Guy Whitmore of new Harborough company Drive Happy NLP. (Picture by Cherry Williams).
Guy Whitmore of new Harborough company Drive Happy NLP. (Picture by Cherry Williams).

A Harborough man is aiming to help motorists and learner drivers who struggle with stress or other issues while behind the wheel.

Guy Whitmore hopes to help people who find driving frightening or struggle with aspects such as night driving, motorways, reversing or parking.

His new business, Drive Happy NLP, will see him working with learners who need more confidence to pass their test, as well as those wanting to feel calmer while driving.

The 46-year-old, of Tungstone Way, said: “While very little research exists on driving-related fears, phobias and stresses, anecdotally many drivers struggle with certain aspects of driving.

“In some cases people avoid driving altogether, but in most cases people just avoid certain manoeuvres, causing inconvenience to themselves and others.

“I aim to help both groups, by enabling them to believe in themselves more and remain calm so they can drive in a way that is safe and appropriate, while enjoying all of the freedom motoring offers.”

Mr Whitmore, who is a member of the Market Harborough & District Speakers Club, is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which looks at the way people process thoughts, and uses a range of processes to create helpful beliefs and behaviours.

NLP has been used to help people quit smoking, lose weight and enhance performance in sport, selling and self-improvement.

He said that while NLP can help clients get into the driving seat or feel better about driving, road safety will always come first.

He said: “It is about improving people’s driving, not about creating a false sense of ability that could be dangerous to other road users.

For more information, visit or telephone 01858 433 154.