Housing plan could triple parish population

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A plan for a new housing estate would see the village population of a Harborough district parish triple in size.

Persimmon Homes wants to build 290 new houses on the edge of Fleckney, off the Saddinton/Fleckney Road.

But the twist with this application is that most of the estate goes across the parish boundary into neighbouring Saddington parish.

The pretty village only has a population of around 300 people, living in about a 100 homes.

A total of 209 homes of the 290 proposed would be added to the Saddington parish if the Persimmon plan gets the go-ahead.

“This could triple the population of Saddington parish,” said parish meeting chairman Chris Carter.

“It’s a complicated situation, because on the one hand Fleckney parish is obliged to take about 300 new houses under the Local Plan.

“This extension – if it’s approved – would bring Fleckney across the boundary into Saddington and within two fields of our village.

“Persimmon Homes says ‘well – just move the parish boundary’.

“But we’re worried that our idyllic village will just be absorbed into the Fleckney sprawl and became an appendix to Fleckney.”

Persimmon points out in its submission to Harborough Council that the district has a shortfall of new houses, particularly smaller homes.

About 70 per cent of the properties – 203 homes –in the proposal would be three-bedroom or less.

Persimmon also argues the scheme would provide a “new settlement gateway” to Fleckney, with plenty of public open space included.