Centre welcomes Professor Poopenshtinken

Colin Bradford and Dr Jenni Bradford
Colin Bradford and Dr Jenni Bradford

Maths whizz Professor Poopenshtinken and his Magical Maths team have moved into the Harborough Innovation Centre to expand their after-school and private tuition firm.

Magical Maths was set up in 2010 by Colin Bradford.

He manages the firm with sister Dr Jenni Bradford and his brother Tom Bradford.

Colin’s maths tuition business has grown and now developed into the Magical Maths franchise which teaches maths to primary school children through fun, after-school clubs and private tuition.

The 25-year-old is passionate about making maths fun and has created characters such as Professor Poopenshtinken and the Maths Magician.

The company also runs school holiday camps for youngsters.

Colin decided to move into the innovation centre as his team were in need of an office but were struggling to find somewhere of a high enough standard. They love the image and flexibility of the centre and the ability to book its conference rooms for events, rather than using expensive hotels.

The centre’s manager Mick Judge said: “We’re delighted to be involved with such an exciting young company that helps young people enjoy education.

“They are a great addition to our growing customer base.”

To find out more about the firm, visit the website www.magicalmathsclub.com.