Burning eye fears lead to contact lens solution recall

A contact lens solution has been recalled by the manufacturer following the discovery of a potential fault which could cause eye irritation or possibly more serious consequences.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 6:00 am
Product recall

The recall is of Bausch + Lomb’s Hydro + Peroxide Solution (360ml), an all-in-one solution for use with soft and silicon hydrogel contact lenses.

The company have found a problem where residual peroxide could remain in the lens case after the neutralisation process. This could result in burning/stinging, irritation, red eye and in rare circumstances other more serious health consequences.

The recall affects all batch codes of the product, which should not be used.

Product recall

Instead, the company are advising customers to return the affected products to store where a full refund will be given. No receipt is required.

Further details can be obtained from Bausch + Lomb’s Customer Services directly on 0845 602 2350 or email [email protected]

Product recall