Brothers meet at last - 70 years on


Two brothers who had not seen each other since one of them was three days old, were re-united in Market Harborough recently.

Tony Lake (76) from Norfolk and Peter Maxwell (70) from Leicester met up at Harborough Rugby Club, when Tony dropped in for a BSA Owners’ Club rally.

Younger brother Peter had been adopted as a baby, and had never seen the other members of the Lake family.

But his daughter Jane Maxwell tracked down Tony, and now a big Lake family get-together is planned later this year.

“A lot of families were broken up in the war, and my youngest brother was adopted when he was three days old” said Tony.

“He’s got the same mother as me, but a different father.

“I can still remember the day all those years ago when he was taken away.

“His name is down on our family tree as ‘Bernard’ but somewhere his name was changed to Peter, which is funny because it’s also the name of my older brother!”

Jane Maxwell, also from Leicester, had initially tracked down the wrong Norfolk Lake family in her research.

Fortunately the wrong Lake knew of the correct Tony Lake, because he happened to have dealt with his engineering business.

“It’s a strange feeling to suddenly meet a very close member of your family after all this time” admitted Mr Lake.

“But it was good to see him, and we’re having a get-together soon in Wisbech, so he can see the rest of the clan.”

Peter has still to meet two more Lake brothers and a sister, plus their families.

The Lake family all knew about their “lost” brother, but had never managed to find him.

Tony Lake said: “I’ve got tons of family round me, but for him that hasn’t happened.

“It will be good to introduce him to everyone!”