Brothers finish run for charity

Brothers Ben and Oliver Jelley
Brothers Ben and Oliver Jelley

Two brothers helped raise £500 for a diabetes charity by completing a 14-mile run from Harborough to Northampton.

Oliver Jelley, (32), from Scotland Road, Harborough, and Ben Jelley, (26), from Rushton Road, Desborough, ran the Brampton Valley Way to raise money for the InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT).

They were supported by Oliver’s father-in-law John Mayhew, from Harborough, and Tim Newman, from Grantham, who both cycled alongside the pair.

The team was also joined by fellow fundraisers from the charity who cycled to and from Northampton.

Oliver, who runs Brixworth-based PR agency Orange Juice Communications and works with the charity, said: “We were okay until the last three miles which were gruelling but we stuck at it and gritted our teeth to get to finishing line.

“We would like to thank everyone who supported and sponsored us. IDDT work tirelessly in the name of people with diabetes, helping to make their lives easier.”

Ben, who works as a creative designer for East Langton firm The Attic Room, added: “It was wet, it was soggy and it was a long way, but we did it.

“We decided not to race so I wasn’t happy when Olly pulled away at the end.”

IDDT, a international charity based in Northampton, launched its “£20 Challenge” in a bid to generate much-needed funds by calling on every supporter to raise an attainable amount.

The charity provides a free, confidential helpline, has published dozens of helpful publications, stages events and lobbies the government on behalf of its members.

Acting IDDT chief executive Martin Hirst, said: “We would like to thank Olly and Benny for a tremendous effort.

“All of the money will be used to help support people with diabetes.”

For more information about the IDDT’s £20 Challenge visit