Broadband campaign gathering more speed

THE MAIL’s campaign to improve broadband services in the Harborough area is gathering momentum.

Last week, The Mail launched a campaign – called Back the Broadband Bid – urging readers to complete an online survey to highlight the poor connection speeds in our area.

The Harborough area has many, well-established, businesses which are facing delays to their progression because of issues with slow internet speeds.

A common problem cited by town firms is that our broadband is not as quick as in other areas.

Few businesses do not rely on the internet in some fashion these days.

Before the launch of Mail’s campaign, almost 1,000 people had filled in an online survey hosted by Leicestershire County Council asking people what they think of connection speeds in their area.

A spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said updated figures of how many people have completed the survey are not yet available, but added: “We’re delighted that the Harborough Mail is taking a leading role in the better broadband campaign.

“Harborough was already leading the pack, in terms of the number of responses to our online survey, but last week’s front page has provided a welcome boost and we should have more detailed figures next week.”

The county council has put £4 million on the table – combined with a Government grant of £3 million – to improve broadband services across the county.

The money will be mainly spent improving the infrastructure in rural areas which, even if they have a broadband service, may be too far from telephone exchanges to benefit.

The results of the survey will decide where this money is spent first.

To complete the survey, visit

Alternatively, for a hard copy email or phone 0116 3056179.

Promotional leaflets about the issue are also available to pick up from The Mail’s office in Northampton Road.