Book’s ghostly hunt at theatre

Author Richard Estep
Author Richard Estep

A ghostly investigation of Harborough Theatre features in the latest book written by a Leicestershire-born and US-based paranormal researcher.

Richard Estep focuses on the theatre and on Harborough itself for part of his book In Search of the Paranormal, which also sees him visit other Leicestershire landmarks including Grace Dieu Priory in Thringstone.

The book is a real-life chronological tale of many of Richard’s investigations and begins by explaining how he became involved in the ghost hunting community.

His investigation at Harborough Theatre saw him team up with established Leicester ghost hunter Andrew Wright.

The book tells how staff at the theatre contacted Mr Wright after they heard “disembodied footsteps” when the building was supposedly empty.

After setting up their recording equipment facing the stage, where the theatre staff had thought the sounds were coming from, the team settled into seats in the theatre and hoped to see some ghostly goings-on.

Richard explains in the book how they did not manage to capture any paranormal activity on their equipment, but were shocked when a door they had left securely closed behind them at the rear of the theatre suddenly swung open without explanation.

Later in the book, Richard explains how he moved to Boulder, Colorado, after accepting a job in the US, but continued to carry out his paranormal investigations there and eventually set up a paranormal investigation group in Boulder.

He is in the UK currently, attending a science fiction convention in Southampton and also carrying out more investigations in the UK, including one at The Cage, a medieval prison in St Osyth, Essex.

For more information about Richard and his book, In Search of the Paranormal, visit his website